The thought that may cross your mind is, why have a secondary outdoor kitchen when you have an existing one already? The walk from the kitchen to the patio or backyard isn’ very far, but the questions rises, is an outdoor kitchen for you? Living in Southern California, outdoor kitchens has become extremely popular due to the amazing weather allowing for al fresco dining all year round. Not only will outdoor kitchens amplify your cooking experience, but they’re also perfect for entertaining, and keeping the mess at bay. 


There are so many other great reasons why an outdoor kitchen has been seen in so many backyards, convenience. The option of moving items from indoors to the patio sounds easy, what about keeping cold items cool? An outdoor kitchen can host a bbq pit, a sink, oven, fridge, and kitchen island. While you’re cooking up a storm for your family and friends, all the supplies you will need will be readily available in your outdoor kitchen.


Bring the kitchen outdoors and be with your family, friends, and guest while you bbq, serve drinks, and enjoy freshly cooked food. If you’re an avid cook, love the outdoors and entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have. While you’re bbq, serve your guest cold beverages while they sit at the bar that’s attached to the kitchen island where you’re standing. The kitchen bar also allows for guacamole making, and chips and dip.

Increase Value

Not only are outdoor kitchens practical, but they also add additional square footage of dining and entertaining for all the outdoor bbq’s. Parties, and get-togethers you may have. What’s better than one kitchen? Two kitchens, one indoors, and one outdoors. The resell value of your home will only increase with an outdoor kitchen island, so the ROI (return on investment) is exponentially higher than homes with only an indoor kitchen.

Custom Design

Design your outdoor kitchen according to your needs. If you’ve always wanted a pizza oven, bar seating, or wine cooler now is the time to add these handy features to your outdoor kitchen. A few popular options to consider are built-in or portable grills, countertops, built-in cabinets, lighting, sink, refrigerator, flooring, pizza oven, and anything else.

Reduce Utility Bills

Using the stove and the oven during the summer may sound like a nightmare because we all know cooking will ignite heat taking away all the cool air. Instead of using your kitchen, bring it to your backyard with an outdoor kitchen. You can bake, bbq, broil, or fry meals so you can keep the heat outdoors while your home stays cool and comfortable.