We’re all aware that California was in a drought for almost the last decade, and ended just recently last year March 5th, 2019. The year 2014 is when the drought peaked and about 58.41% of California was affected by the drought. Since then, Californians have taken major steps in preventing this by finding ways to conserve on water anywhere, and anytime. Taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet when brushing teeth, loading a full dishwasher instead of partial, and minimizing watering outdoors.

You’ve seen the term hardscape landscaping, but what about grass? Grass needs to be watered almost daily and during the hottest times in the summer, it’s not enough. Turfgrass offers a fuss-free lawn while adding beauty without having to sacrifice contributing to the drought.

Here are a few benefits by making the switch from real grass to a turf lawn:

Great for the environment

Aside from the initial fee of installation from turfgrass, the return on investment will outweigh all costs. With real grass, the cost never ends and is if anything a recurring cost since fertilizer, we killer, and tools are necessary for upkeep. Don’t forget about the lawnmower, there’s no longer the need for that. On average, newly installed turfgrass can last anywhere between five to ten and is a more affordable option than hardscaping with stone for your yard.


It’s true, time is money, and with all that extra time saved from newly installed turfgrass, you can focus your energy on more important things. Instead of setting time aside and mowing the lawn weekly, turfgrass stays looking sharp all year round so no need for any trimming. During the rainy season, turfgrass is fitted with a drainage backing so rainwater can easily seep through on its own making hosing down a breeze.

Aesthetically pleasing

Turfgrass offers the greenest lawn all year round, rain or shine. This is one of the most attractive qualities of turf lawns, they’ll stand out through all seasons making your yard the most appealing on the block. Real grass tends to dry out during the summer heat if there’s no shade in place leaving an unsightly lawn. With a turf lawn, you can expect to have a greener lawn all year round.


We said the appearance was one of the most attractive qualities about turfgrass, we’ll here be the true quality: turfgrass equals savings! Every homeowner can attest to this, the more savings the better! For homeowners who splurge on landscaping, they no longer can to worry or spend more on watering costs with turfgrass. It’s said that almost one-third of water consumption is spent on watering the lawn, so with turf, you can slash your water bill all while being eco-friendly.