When it comes to your backyard and what to do with it, you’ve got a bunch of options. A quaint patio with a pergola, a large pool with a cabana, a masterful grill area with a brick oven built in, roses and shrubbery for days… the list goes on. One thing you should definitely consider when it’s time to redo your backyard is adding a fire pit. Fire pits are an incredibly popular outdoor feature for homeowners. Surveyed landscaping architects report that 97% of homeowners are looking for some sort of fire pit to add to their outdoor space. It isn’t difficult to understand why, either. But in case you need a little convincing, we’ve got five glorious reasons to install a fire pit in your own backyard.

Vertical Focal Point

It’s all too easy for your yard to be a flat, albeit green, stretch of land. Even with plants and seating areas, there’s only so much dimension. Fire pits, however, can often become the focal point for your back exterior. Even when they aren’t lit up, they are a thing of beauty to behold.

Create Ambience

Whether you’re sitting outside on a cool summer night, or want your winter parties to last just a little bit longer, there is no denying the romantic, cozy atmosphere a fire pit brings to any yard. The soft, warm glow of the flames are entrancing, to say the least. Their warmth is inviting. You’ll have no problem convincing guests to come over for a lazy glass of wine by the fireside. 

Increase Property Value

It isn’t just the visual appeal of your home that you’ll be enhancing. Installing a fire pit increases the dollar value of your property, as well. They’re a unique feature that not every house has, making them stand apart from the rest of the crowd. You could have the pick of the litter when it comes to selling your home with a fire pit in the arsenal.  

Extend Your Entertaining Area

Obviously, you don’t have to install just a fire pit. You’ll most likely have some other feature(s) such as a patio, garden, grill, etc. However, when you provide this additional heat and light source, you give more places for you and your guests to roam, sit, and mingle. It isn’t only extra heat and light you’re adding to your backyard, but an open flame for cooking, if you so desired. S’more’s, hot dogs, kebabs, you could mimic a campfire and setting for kids birthdays, or a casual bbq, whatever the occasion, you’ll find yourself loving and using your fire pit more and more.


Fire pits, like many home features, are also highly customizable. From the size, shape, color, and materials you can create a piece that blends beautifully with the rest of your backyard design. If you like the idea of eating next to an open flame, you could have your fire pit built in the middle of a large, communal table. Build seating around your fire pit so there’s never a need to drag flimsy chairs over to enjoy its warm glow. Whatever you direction you decide to head, choosing to install a fire pit in your backyard is a wonderful investment.