Now that you’ve decided to go green (literally) and switch from grass to artificial turf, it might be helpful to know how to maintain that turf so that it looks beautiful and lasts as long as you do. While you’ll never need to water or mow down the turf (because hey, it’s not a living plant, it does not grow or need to grow) there are a few things you will need to perform on a regular basis to keep your lawn looking beautiful and keeping that investment in mint condition. Luckily, the steps to doing this aren’t terribly arduous, especially if done consistently and with care.

Keep It Clear

The most important – and first step – in keeping your artificial turf squeaky clean is keeping it free of clutter and debris. This isn’t just for an aesthetic reason either. Too much exposure to branches, leaves and other mess can damage the fiber of the turf.  You could get a leaf blower and annoy the hell out of your neighbors and pollute the air with noxious gas, or you could opt for a lawn vacuum. But for a more environmentally friendly way of clearing the crap off your lawn, a non-metal rake will suffice just fine. But remember, it can’t me a metal rake as the metal prongs can do just as much damage to your turf as the sticks themselves.

If you’ve recently received rain storms and high winds in your area, clearing away the debris immediately post-storm will be vitally important to maintaining the grass. Larger items can be removed by hand, while your preferred set of tools can take care of the rest.

At The Lawn Wash

Yes, much like carpet inside your home, your artificial turf will need cleaning. Unlike your indoor carpet, being outside and exposed to the elements means it will need cleaning more frequently. Your required tools, however, really only amount to a water hose. When you install your new lawn make sure you have easy access to a waterline and the right amount of hose to get the job done right. If you have to clean dog droppings from your lawn there are two routes to go; let it dry and pick it up with a bag or sweep into a small upright dust bin. If it’s from an upset stomach and not likely to harden soon, though, high pressure spray that gift out of existence.

Rinsing also removes dust and pollen from the turf. If you live in a rather rainy area, though, your need for rinsing won’t be as frequent.

Zen Garden

Okay, you don’t have to brush patterns into your turf like you would a zen sand garden, but it is necessary to brush the artificial turf to keep it from being matted and looking atrociously fake. Brush against the grain to give it a strong fresh look. Any stiff bristle brush will do so long as the fibers of the brush are not metal or could tear the turf.


This is where you’ll experience the most work; how often you choose to clean the lawn. If you have the time (or money to pay someone) for the best results you’ll want to perform weekly maintenance on your faux grass. If you lack both time and funds, at the very least a monthly cleaning is vital to keeping your lawn lean and strong. If you live in a heavily pet populated area, though, to maintain the smell a weekly cleaning will have to be performed as there’s no soil soaking up any nutrients or remnants of animal excrement.

Stay on top of these three simple tasks and your investment will be well worth it.