Right, smack in the middle of winter when the ground is frozen and nothing can live! Oh. No, that’s not a good idea? Okay, okay, we’re joking. We all know that winter is the absolute last time that you should be updating your lawn. Most people don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings on a cold winter’s day, let alone spend hours outside fixing their yard, regardless of snowfall. While you may already update the flora in your garden every spring that’s not what we’re talking about.

Renovating your landscaping can add so much value to your home. In fact, most homeowners report they’ve made back 100% of their lawn and garden investment. But when exactly should you consider throwing down for some new yard features? Great question, we’re so glad you asked. Allow us…

Front to Back
The front yard is what greets you upon your return home from a long day of work. The backyard, though, is where some real magic can happen over the grill with a bunch of friends. Choosing when to renovate will depend on which part you’re actually renovating. They’re both equally important, but serve different functions as far as adding value to your home.

First Impressions
The front yard is your home’s very first impression to all who see it, including you. Think back to when you bought this house, when you were merely visiting during open hours. Were you completely blown away by the beauty of the front yard? Or did it take going inside to find all the hidden gems this house holds, and that’s what grabbed your heart? Well, if you’ve come to the end of your journey in this house, then consider giving your front lawn a little TLC.

Curb appeal plays a massive role in selling homes. If your house is ugly on the outside, you’ll find it difficult just getting people to stop in and take a real look around. An inviting garden and lawn, on the other hand, practically beckon potential buyers to stop and see what else there is. You could do a complete makeover with new vegetation, a walkway, and features. You could opt to take it in a green direction. Drought proofing your yard can not only enhance the look of your house, but it piques the interest of the savvy house shopper with the lowered overhead and upkeep of a water-friendly lawn.

The Best For Last
In the backyard, the focus can be more about function and purpose. Especially in an area such as Sunny SoCal, where the weather is nice and moderate year-round, makes this the perfect location for gatherings no matter what the calendar says. Think of how you like to host. Are you the boss of your work and you host an annual holiday party (or multiple)? Do you have kids who love being outdoors? You can create the perfect place for parties with a paved patio, a raised deck, or a cabana at the far end of the yard for intimate events. The sky (or lawn) is the limit with what you can do in your backyard to make it the perfect button on your home.

The best time to do these types of renovations is when you’re in your forever home. A place where you are ready to put down roots. As your children age and your social circle expands, being able to host friends and family – whatever the occasion – won’t only increase the value of your home, it will increase the quality of life for you and your family. How enriching to have a place for you and your loved ones to laugh and converse for years to come?

In the end, whatever your needs are, wherever you are in your homeowner journey, it’s always worth creating an arcadia for your personal benefit.