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Month: January 2019

Taking Care Of Your Turf

Now that you’ve decided to go green (literally) and switch from grass to artificial turf, it might be helpful to know how to maintain that turf so that it looks beautiful and lasts as long as you do. While you’ll never need to water or mow down the turf (because hey, it’s not a living plant, it does not grow or need to grow) there are a few things you will need to perform on a regular basis to keep your lawn looking beautiful and keeping that investment in mint condition. Luckily, the steps to doing this aren’t terribly...

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Perks of a Pergola

The pergola. A simple, but dazzling and useful design element for any backyard. Pergolas date all the way back to 1400 BC. Although the actual word “pergola” wasn’t used until the 1640s in Medieval Rome. The trends in materials may have changed over the years, but the pillar-with-lattice-roof design has remained a constant in gardens across the world throughout time. These Simple Sarah’s of outdoor decor were originally used to provide shade for walkways and entrances. Later uses included providing the rafting for a hanging garden. But now the possibilities are limitless in what you put on your pergola...

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Drought Approved Gardens: Landscaping Our Future

There’s nothing so beautiful or comforting than a yard of lush, green grass. A bright and vibrant sign of life and energy, grass is the traditional, welcoming first impression of any house. But oh, the amount of water required to keep it looking that nice. Droughts come and go, but every year they seem to come and stay longer than the year before. Drought-proofing your front and back lawns benefits more than just the environment by conserving water, it eases the grip on your wallet by conserving water. And it’s not just limited to rocks and succulents either! The...

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